SBR Poker Launches New Championship Series

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SBR Forum has announced a new poker championship series. Dubbed the 'Main Event', the Poker Series will see SBR Forum Pros competing for their share of daily betpoints from September 3 through November 30.

The top 20 players qualify for entry into the poker championship with a chance to win cold hard cash.

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Championship Prizes
1st. $1,500
2nd. $500
3rd. 10,000 betpoints
4th. 7,500 betpoints
5th. 6,000 betpoints
6th. 5,000 betpoints
7th. 3,500 betpoints
8th. 2,500 betpoints
9th. 2,000 betpoints
10th. 1,700 betpoints
11th. 1,500 poker points
12th. 1,000 poker points
13th. 800 poker points
14th. 750 poker points
15th-20th. 500 poker points
21st-30th. 250 poker poker points

Players 21-50 compete for seven seats in the championship in a separate freeroll tournament. Players ranked 51-100 will compete for three seats.

Read more at SBR Forum.

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