SBR Peter chats UFC 189 Money line Betting with Guests

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Sportsbook Review host Peter Loshak has released a free UFC 189 picks breakdown on the UFC 189 main event with guest Nick Kalikas and Brian Hemminger.

Sportsbook Review has a comprehensive UFC 189 prop bets list for players looking for a directory of exotic ways to wager McGregor vs. Mendes.

As of this publication, there are over 25 ways to wager the UFC 189 headliner.

These betting markets include fighters winning by a variety of ways: Submission, knockout, technical knockout, and even by disqualification.

Players can also wager on the total number of rounds the main event and all bouts on the pay-per-view (PPV) card are expected to last.

Outright Betting Market
Conor McGregor is presently an average -160 betting favorite at online sportsbooks. A dynamic grid featuring these odds is made available on the UFC 189 prop bets list.

Alternatively, players can shop for UFC lines at the UFC Betting Odds page.

Peter and his guests discuss if these odds are merited or if the market is actually inflated due to public hype.

SBR Peter: "Is this just a no-brainer situation where the hype is causing this line to be way off? We sort of think of betting markets as immune to hype, you know? All the talk on the sports shows might make it seem like McGregor should be a big favorite, but the betting markets wouldn't be thrown off?"

Nick Kalikias: "Not the case at all with MMA. Hype factors into the line all of the time."

Players looking to continue the conversation started by Peter and his guests should swing by the UFC Betting Forum at SBR.

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