SBR Odds Releases New Event Page: A look at NBA Game 4

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SBR Odds made a substantial update today releasing what are called event pages for all sports.

The event page shows all full game, halves, quarters, and periods betting markets in one page, saving sports bettors time from having to navigate through dropdowns to find odds one at a time.

Players can now simply consume the information on one page and quickly find the sportsbook with the best odds.

How to use the Event Page
Step 1) Go to SBR Odds
Step 2) Click on a desired event, such as tonight's Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game 4 of the NBA Finals. You will notice the team names are hot-linked.

Step 3) Once you have clicked on the Warriors vs. Cavaliers odds page, your work is done. Use the odds information how you normally would. The sportsbook order is customizable using your standard SBR Odds settings.

NBA betting odds will continue to update in real-time:

In the screenshot above, we can see the moneyline (outright winner) market for tonight's NBA final game 4.

The betting odds range from -158 to -167 as of this publication for the Golden State Warriors to win outright. The odds on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win outright range from +140 to +148, meaning a $100 wager pays back an average of $144.

The Sportsbook Review event page used in combination with the NBA Prop Bet directory and best sportsbook bonuses list should have players well on their way to having an advantage to beat their sportsbook.

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