SBR Odds Questionnaire: Tell Us What You Think!

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The Sportsbook Review betting odds staff would like to hear from you.

Fill out this SBR Odds questionnaire and share your feedback on the pros and cons of SBR odds as you see them, and let the SBR Odds developers know what shiny new feature(s) you'd like to see added to the betting odds grid next.

SBR Odds was launched in 2004 as a free line monitoring service allowing online sports gamblers to shop for the best odds from a variety of sportsbooks.

The product remains free to this day and lets bettors search for sportsbook line history, access real-time market updates, statistics, injury news, and more.

SBR is in the development stages of improving the product even further allowing for useful new features and a more refined mobile experience. Sportsbook went mobile-responsive last year allowing bettors to shop for a new sportsbook on devices of all sizes.

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