SBR Members React to Slow-Pays Report

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Sportsbook Review forum members have sounded off on regarding SBR's report against (ag) and their massive $221,786 backlog of payouts to frustrated players.

While some forum contributors have been sympathetic to hear of the 153 players affected and their plight, others have pointed out that the writing should have been on the wall.

The following excerpts are taken from the Complaints Discussion:

SBR mtneer1212: "Why would anyone play with a place that takes 3 to 5 weeks to pay you anyway...."

(SBR Summary: This post referred to the fact that even when all is well at, the sports betting site still takes an industry worst up to five weeks to deliver payouts.)

SBR BigOrange: "If we know about $220K, the real figure might be $2m+. Most bettors don't know what a sports forum is!"

(SBR Summary: The reality is that there are many millions of sports bettors and not all bother to post online about their experiences on sports betting websites or message-boards, the majority of players simply play with one or two sportsbooks and are not as invested in sharing via the internet as much of the younger generation.)

SBR TheGuesser: "Is this just limited to or does it include all of the books using their software, like Hollywood, sportfanatik, etc.?"

(SBR Summary: As of this time, there are also a few complaints on PlayersOnly, BetUSA).

SBR baseballstud: "Like 12 years ago I played at sportsbook. Was in just getting into college got sucked in by the bright lights and fancy site never had a problem. But man seeing this stuff why would you play there when you likely won't get paid. And if you do they say 3-5 weeks. 5 dimes will pay you in 3-5 hours! Honestly don't feel bad for people who refuse to even do a little research before depositing money."

(SBR Summary: This post reflects the importance of using free resources such as the sportsbook rating guide or consulting with other players via the Sportsbook & Industry forum.)

SBR goduke: "Anyone who plays at this book honestly deserves to lose their money. Its been years that people have said this book sucks. Its the idiots that keep depositing in them that allows them to never pay or change their ways. I dont even think SBR should help the people in this book. Theres enough warnings out there already."

(SBR Summary: SBR does not agree with this sentiment. The fact is there are so many millions of players out there and an honest Joe may not believe that a website which does so much marketing and has such a catchy URL would be a borderline scam sportsbook.)

SBR relaaxx: "This happens often. people have always gotten payed. every year or two they have processor problems. it gets fixed. people start getting paid faster. not saying anyone should play there. why would you. play where you get paid fast. but unless this is different this time, everyone will get paid. it will just be taking 6-8 weeks again. i blame the US government. that's what started the problems back in 2007 and it is the reason again. sending money to the states is getting harder and harder. to avoid this if you are in the US-quit gambling offshore. that's my plan."

(SBR Summary: It is true that slow payouts are not new at, and that players historically have gotten paid who were affected by what is called processor problems. However, it is also true that openly fleeced $156,000 from a player whose only crime was betting same-game parlays that were accepted by the software, and has throughout their history flouted industry standard.)

Sportsbook Review will update as news develops.

If you are a player reading who has a problem with or any sports betting site, please file a sportsbook complaint form with Sportsbook Review.

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