SBR Members React to Fantasy Sports Betting Scandal

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Sportsbook has covered some of the fallout from the recent fantasy sports betting scandal brought on by a DraftKings employee pocketing $350,000 from rival site FanDuel.

Insider trading has been a major point of emphasis from various outlets and industry watchdogs, and has prompted an inquiry from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,

There has been discussions from players and industry pundits on why what the DraftKings employee was accused of doing is any different than bookies placing bets with other sportsbooks.

Below are a compilation of quotes from readers who are reacting to the news inside of a trending discussion in the Sportsbook Review posting forum.

SBR Members on Fantasy Sports Betting Scandal
"Anyone else get an email from the Draftkings founders today? Must be some serious damage control going on over there, I haven't even logged in since 2013," shared member SharpAngles.

"I love how (NFL Commissioner) Goodell refused to acknowledge this is gambling," added member PorkChop.

"You are better off betting the games..not the stats. A pro can't manipulate which team wins," wrote Pavyracer.

"They allow the pros specific special interface software (there is strong rumors that some PROS also get a REBATE program like some horses racing ADWs have Joe public nothing after that joke of a sign up bonus) enter hundreds and thousands of entries at a time (ie not typing each team into the crappy WEB site interface they have). that alone at the last moment on breaking news or using the inside info they have and can crunch instantly and do something with it why this industry is a scam," shared poster trytrytry.

"My brother won $120k.... Not all a scam," wrote DOM_Toretto.

"MLB got their nose dirty because they own a small part of this scamming toilet," wrote poster Konck.

"I'd rather play mega millions than fantasy," quipped Killer_Demo.

View the full fantasy sports betting scandal discussion.

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