SBR member updates thread confirming payment from Exbinog

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On January 8, SBR member "pawpl" posted a thread in the Sportsbook & Industry forum on bookmaker Exbinog (unrated) - a sports betting site licensed and regulated by the government of Montenegro.

He stated that he requested a €1,600 payout on the 1st of this year, and that another €900 was pending to be withdrawn from his available balance.

He asked member feedback at the time, and received a response from SBR moderator Optional who commented on the betting site back end software and noted how long the sportsbook had been in operation.

SBR member pawpl: "watch out (for) this bookmaker I got information that yesterday I finally will recieve my money. of course there is still no money I made a withdraw of ~1600 EUR (1st January), and another ~900eur is on my account does anyone have similar problem with them?"

The player bumped the thread today to confirm that he has been paid a few times from this sportsbook and that he no longer has any complaint with their service.

Players with feedback on Exbinog are asked to write to

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