SBR Mailbag: My nephew gambled my funds at a sportsbook

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Occasionally Sportsbook Review receives complaints from players who say their account details were stolen, in some cases by members of family, and the players expect online sportsbooks to reimburse losses they say were not of their doing.

After all, the players liken the situation to a credit card being lost and the bank crediting for unauthorized card usage.

So, should sportsbooks be liable for account theft?

Absolutely not.

Players are responsible with using strong passwords and being aware of their surroundings. Using a public computer at a local library and auto-saving your credentials is a good way to have your bankroll go for a joy-ride in the casino.

A player at a sportsbook which will not be named filed a complaint with SBR this week stating the following:

"My underage nephew used my credit card`s data and remitted lots of money on HIS account with fake information about him. he lost MY money and {the betting site} hadn`t even verificated his identity! So they ignore me now! What have I to do?"

In addition to securing their own accounts, players must take steps to safeguard their personally identifying information, credit card details, eWallet account passwords, and all other credentials that can be used to deposit to online sportsbooks.

At the end of the day, a bookmaker is only responsible for paying your winnings, not securing your Wifi network or making sure your nephew stays out of the casino.

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