SBR Mailbag: Is it normal to be paid less than a book advertises?

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A Sportsbook Review forum reader has asked if it is normal to be paid less than what a sports betting website advertises as its maximum weekly payout.

The player is playing with an online sportsbook that lists $1,000 per week as the max withdrawal, but the last few weeks he said he has received only $500.

Is this a common practice?
More often than not, these complaints involve betting sites that do not offer a wide variety of payout options, or have had trouble servicing users with timely payouts in the past.

Payout speed is one of the categories that helps shape a betting sites ranking, and is largely determined by players and the experiences shared with SBR.

If a sportsbook claims to pay in one week's time through a given method, but consistently fails to honor the time-frame and/or pay up to the amount it promotes, that is usually grounds for a sportsbook rating downgrade.

Sportsbooks must be able to pay out with the same efficiency that they can accept deposits. Players should consider the website standing of each company before deciding to deposit their hard-earned funds. The top sportsbooks poll is a good way for players to stay updated with what the community thinks about each betting site.

What to do if you have a problem getting paid?
If you're having trouble with an online sports betting website, file a sportsbook complaint with SBR. Sportsbooks are more likely to quickly service a player it knows might take their issues public if their attempt to seek meditation falls flat, so do not be afraid to ask for assistance as needed.

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