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SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-): Player reports submitting banking details three times in the month of October. He received an email October 31st stating: Thank you for contacting Sports Interaction. After reviewing your account I see that your bank details have just been updated today! You withdrawal should be reaching you soon. We are truly sorry for your frustration and thank you for your patience.
The player has yet to be paid.

Expekt (SBR rating C): Two players complain that the sportsbook changes the wagered amount as they see fit. No information was sent to the player about the altered bets.

Player: I placed a bet with Expekt, the bet was for £55. I placed the bet and then went to ’pending bets’. It said the bet had been accepted for £55. I then logged into my expekt account the next day and saw that they had rejected £32 of the bet stake. They had done with only about 25 minutes left before the actually bet started.

BetMania (SBR rating B-): Users complain about a one week wait for Neteller payments and a lack of listed rules.

Player: I was wondering if you can look into Betmania for me. I have a $13,000 balance there and have completed my rollover. They are telling me that they can’t process my payouts via Neteller and they are suggesting eCheck. They said a Neteller payout might not be processed until next week. But I want the payout via Neteller and will wait if I have to. Also, how come they don’t disclose any daily payout limits on their website? And they wait until you request a payout to tell you there’s a daily limit?

A Second player complains that over $2,000 in winnings were deleted due to being the result of duplicate parlays. does not list rules prohibiting duplicate parlays and it is allowed by the book’s software.

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