SBR interview with Michael Caselli

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SBR newswoman Natalie interviews Michael Caselli, an iGaming industry expert who founded Lyceum Publishing and is editor-in-chief at information portal iGaming Business. Natalie discusses the European legalisation of online gambling in part one of the interview segment with Mr. Caselli.

Hello Mr Caselli, welcome to the program and thank you for taking the time to talk today. I imagine you are very busy right now with the iGaming Super Show just around the corner. How much are you looking forward to the show?

Since the passage of the UIGEA in 2006, Europe has been somewhat the focal point of the iGaming world, and has certainly been your focus with iGaming Business and of course Bluff Europe. However, as Bob Dylan famously sang “the times they are a changing”.

How would you assess the current climate in Europe today; with EU wide legislation seemingly being challenged by national law and licensing?

Would an EU wide license be something you would welcome for the industry? How would you see the problem of tax being resolved; could costs ultimately be passed on to punters, in the form of depositing or withdrawal fees?
What impact could we see in countries like Malta and Gibraltar—who have a large economic stake in maintaining their advantage as offshore jurisdictions—if an EU wide license was implemented?

Would you advise EU operators to begin the process of license application in, for example, France? Or any other EU country for one reason or another?

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