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SBR newswoman Natalie Rydström interviews Murray Marshall, General Counsel for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Since 1999, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been the licensing and regulatory authority for Canadian interactive gaming companies. Mr. Marshall discusses in detail how the KGC operates.


Today we welcome Mr Murray Marshall, General Counsel for the Khanawake Gaming Commission in Quebec, Canada to give us an insight into the KGC licensing procedure.

Good morning Mr Marshall and welcome to the show!

Firstly, please could you describe for us what The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is and what its role is for the gaming landscape in Canada?

Why is Khanawake the only territory that issues gaming licenses throughout Canada?

Are operators with a KGC license only permitted to play within your jurisdiction

Alright, so moving over to the sportsbook operator perspective: What are the criteria an operator has to satisfy in order to attain a license from the KGC?

So it sounds like quite a thorough process to insure that a sportsbook meets all criteria. But what about player protection? Is there anything in place for a sportsbook to protect the people that play on their site?

Are many player disputes submitted against books with a KGC licence, and if so, how do you go about resolving these?

Now, all operators who have a KGC license must be hosted at Mohawk Internet Technologies. Why is that?
It certainly keeps you in control of things. I’m sure you’re aware that in the US there’s quite a lot of movement with respect to the gaming landscape. How do you see the Canadian online gambling license landscape in 5 years?

Before we finish our interview Mr Murray, I’d like to move our discussion over to the US to get your take on what’s happening there and does the KGC take an active interest in the current activities.

If more states in the US allow internet gambling. What does that mean for you and could this in fact be a bad thing?

Times are certainly changing and I think the whole world is changing in respect to online gambling. It’s exciting times! Mr Murrey, thank you for taking the time to talk with us to today!

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