SBR Forum World Poker Cup Week One Standings

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Week one of the 2017 SBR Forum World Poker Cup is in the books.

Team USA jumped out to an early lead with member chili_powder recording three cashes in five days to lead all regions with 1,125 points.

It is not too late to join. Simply download SBR Poker to get started. If you have any questions about SBR Poker, review the FAQ or write in via email to

The current standings are embedded below.

Team USA Points Team Confed Points Team Canada Points Team World Points
chili_powder 1125 spurginobili1 600 vbpro7 720 Mannyfan 550
sportfan 975 stuler 600 aggieshawn 300 Stefan 475
blankoblanco 850 tatddy 600 BeerDog99 245 Stifler 375
lobo369 850 toughone 600 JoeyBagels 160 zwoeins 370
BiTeMeUsAdOj 750 GaryDN 580 firekillex 80 BetOnUnderdogs 300
blackbart 680 JAKEPEAVY21 550 Dipper30 70 dhristov211 250
mikemca 680 Jrod124 550 Krashman 70 Enkhbat 250
shane 670 kidk 525 dogkatcher 30 spider 190
deadphish 640 craigpb 515 wazsx 30 Diesel79 180

Object of World Poker Cup

Rank in the top 12 for points won during SBR Poker tournament play Mon-Fri from February 13 — Wed May 31.

Twelve slots will be assigned for each region. Leaderboards will be posted with standings by country. Confederates refers to 12 US members who do not qualify for Team US.

Team Match Schedule (June 5 — June 8)

Twelve tournaments per day from 12:00PM-11:00PM ET.

Four players per tournament (1 player from each region).

Scoring details
Each tournament will award 2 points for the winning team, and 1 point for the runner-ups team. Co-champions will be crowned in the event of a tie with an equal division of the pot. A leaderboard will be maintained in Players Talk showing how many points each team has.

Winning team: 12,000 betpoints each
Runner-up: 6,000 poker pts each
3rd place: 2,500 poker pts each
4th place: 800 poker pts each

Betpoints can be redeemed for real world items from the SBR Store including gift cards, electronics, apparel, and sportsbook cash (non-USA).

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