SBR Forum Topic: Walking into Sportsbooks in the UK

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An SBR Forum poster has created a discussion thread asking the procedure for placing a sports bet with a land-based UK sportsbook.

The poster, SBR member 'Hickeyc31', shares that he will soon be relocating from Canada to Scotland and wants to know what he needs to do in order to place a sports bet with a local sportsbook, such as William Hill (SBR rating A+).

SBR Poster Hickeyc31: "I live in Canada now and have an account at William Hill. I am not at all familiar with how things are run in the UK but I am moving to Scotland in a few months and I am wondering if I am going to be able to simply walk into one of their shops in Glasgow and give them my account information and wager similar to if I was in Vegas?"

SBR Poster Optional: "You won't even need to give them account information if you walk into a shop. Just hand over the cash and walk away with a ticket, like Vegas."

SBR poster JayZ: "The average bet over the counter is only about £9 so large bets can stand out somewhat. The general PTL though varies a lot on the shop location; on an average kind of line you can lay to a few thousand liability if unknown.Within a quarter of a mile of Glasgow Central railway station there are 10 Ladbrokes, 10 William Hills, 3 Paddy Powers, 2 Corals, and 2 Betfreds - and that is only the major companies. Plenty of opportunities ... "

SBR Poster Dr. Fager: "You can also call in your wagers once identification info is established. No need to visit the shop to make a bet."

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