SBR Forum's Spring Poker Championship: 5PM ET

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SBR Forum's 100 best poker players take the felt tonight at 5PM ET for the Spring Championship. The players qualified for entry into the event from the last three months of their tournament play.

$1,500 is up for grabs for first place. $500 is paid to the runner-up. A total of 46,500 betpoints will also be distributed to the top 25 finalists.

View list of players participating. There are odds on each player's chances of winning the event in the SBR Points Sportsbook. Betpoints can be used to make redemptions from the SBR Store, which includes bitcoin, electronics, apparel, gift cards, and many more items exclusively available for SBR Pro members.

All SBR Forum members and lurkers are invited to watch the tournament unfold at 5PM ET. SBR Poker runs on all Windows devices and can be downloaded from

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