SBR Forum readers discuss betting site CRSportsBet

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An SBR Forum Sportsbooks & Industry discussion thread is focusing on Costa Rica based betting site CRSportsBet.

The D rated sportsbook was added to the online sportsbooks rating guide in October of 2015 and has only operated since May of 2015.

Sportsbook Review cautions bettors to play it close to the vest and avoid unnecessary exposure with betting sites that haven't yet maintained a solid payout track record over time.

Readers share their feedback on CRSportsBet's payout policies and more in the post.

Below are some excerpts from the CRSportsBet discussion.

SBR Forum poster 'the gambler AA' shared the following: "I deposited $500 at the end of April. You can't take any money out until you wait 21 business days. I turned the $500 into $4k and have as of today received $1500 from them. It takes about two weeks to receive your MGof $1000 since they do it in weekly installments of $500. I am still waiting on my last installment for my second ** which has now taken over week and a half to receive. I am also waiting on a MO for $2k which takes "21 business days to be processed and delivered" which should be here on July 15th. I will follow up on his later to let you all know how it goes."

Dimaggio8 pointed out a discrepancy between the deposit and withdrawal limits: "The issue I have that raises suspicion is when it says you can deposit via wire for 20K but when you want to withdrawal you can only withdrawal 4k. "

SBR poster ezeemunee expressed caution at the betting site's bonus structure: "They operate like a Ponzi scheme. offer high bonuses to get depositors on board. pay off a few small winners to "keep things going". and then one day when too many people ask for their money, they close up shop and open under a new banner and steal account balances and offer "bail out" deals to select players (and appear to be the "good guys") and start the whole vicious cycle all over again. operations like this give offshore gambling a bad name."

SBR poster henri chimed in with an opposite opinion: "They didn't just open for football then shut down. They been in operation over a year and may surprise the naysayers around here. Might just be straight shooters trying to build a business."

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