SBR Forum Reader: Is it Necessary to Notify Sportsbooks of Address Changes?

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An SBR Forum member has posted a common inquiry in the sportsbook & industry section.

The player would like to know if it is necessary to change the address his online sportsbook has on file as he has recently relocated to a new place where is a roommate and does not have a utility bill in his name.

He is concerned that the sportsbook might not want to accept a cell phone bill as proof and asked if other members have experienced this scenario and for general feedback.

Is it necessary to notify sportsbooks of changing your address?
Yes. Just as you would notify a bank of an address change, you should keep your registered information up to date at your online sportsbook, including your email address, surname (if legal name changes due to marriage), contact information, and home address.

It is a simple process to change the registered address on file, and can be done simply by sending an email in most cases. Players who are living with others and do not have a utility bill in their name should be honest with the sportsbook and work to find an agreeable method of address verification. As long as other account-holders do not operate an account with the betting site and/or receive bonuses already, there should be no problem making the change.

The only scenario where an address change may pose a problem is if a player is relocating to a state or country that the betting site does not service.

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