SBR Forum Reader: How Are Sportsbook Ratings Set?

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An SBR Forum reader has started a discussion thread asking how online sportsbook ratings are set.

The question was framed inside of the newbie forum at SBR where first-timers to the board can ask about all things Sportsbook Review.

Below are key factors that go into shaping an online sportsbook's rating.

Payout Feedback
SBR Forum users share their feedback on a month by month basis in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum on payout speed. Jump to the August 2016 live payout reports post. In addition, many readers write in via email to share their feedback with sportsbooks.

Community Polls
Sportsbook Review runs seasonal polls surveying SBR Forum members on the betting sites they considered the overall best. View the results of the most recent top sportsbook poll.

Sportsbook Licensing
As part of the review process SBR looks at factors such as company standing — is the company publicly traded? Does the company hold a license from a regulatory body such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority?

History Weathering Issues
Processing issues can be unshakeable and affect even the best sportsbooks from time to time. How quickly did the sportsbook recover and correct payment problems and what is the frequency of these issues? These are questions SBR asks when performing rating evaluations of existing sportsbooks as well as companies that have not yet been added to the rating guide.

Sportsbook Complaints
Sportsbook Review operates a free dispute mediation service and has received many thousands of sportsbook complaints since the company was founded in 1999. SBR analysts monitor complaint mail every day of the week to help players and stay connected with which sportsbooks are currently having issues; when sportsbooks are slow-paying a rating downgrade is soon to follow.

Quality of Product
Once it has been established that the sportsbook is honorable and efficient with payouts, it is time to analyze the company itself as far as player-friendly features. Is the sportsbook always late to post lines? Are a healthy variety of sportsbook markets available? Does the sportsbook offer a good experience on mobile? Sportsbooks are scored on each of those questions to form one overall SBR rating.

Rating Scale Itself
The rating scale ranges from A+ (best) to F (worst). Sportsbooks rated from D- to F are indexed on the worst sportsbook blacklist. Browse all sportsbook ratings using the rating guide.

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