SBR Forum Reader Asks About Bitcoin Withdrawals

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An SBR Forum reader has surveyed other members on the process of requesting a payment using bitcoin at an online sportsbook.

The player would like to avoid the high fees and wait time associated with other methods and prefers to use bitcoin based on the feedback given from other members on the speed of their withdrawals.

What is Bitcoin & How To Buy Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a popular digital currency that can be used to make purchases and send payments electronically. All it takes to acquire bitcoin is to create an account through an exchange such as or The process is the same as setting up a Paypal account. From there, you can transfer bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet such as one created from This step is recommended for privacy reasons.

How to Get Paid in Bitcoin
To redeem a withdrawal via bitcoin, simply copy and paste the payment address of your wallet and provide it to your online sportsbook. Once your bitcoin payment is processed, you can then send it back to your bitcoin exchange and convert your bitcoin to fiat for a bank withdrawal.

To browse online sportsbooks accepting bitcoin, visit the SBR Rating Guide or the bitcoin sportsbooks page.

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