SBR Forum Reader Asks About Bitcoin Sportsbook Ratings

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An SBR Forum reader recently commented inside of a bitcoin sportsbook discussion thread asking why bitcoin sportsbooks are on some occasions rated higher initially than traditional sportsbooks.

The answer is fairly straight-forward: Traditional sportsbooks which rely on third-party companies or financial institutions to handle a large volume of transactions can suffer through processing delays that end up being passed on to players.

In addition to longer wait times associated with these methods, players are also forced to pay more in fees to receive their funds. However, not all traditional sportsbooks slow-pay, and in fact many of the industry's top sports betting sites with traditional options also offer bitcoin, too.

Bitcoin sportsbooks have no need for processing middlemen. In addition, because bonuses are typically not given to players, and because of the nature of bitcoin in general, bitcoin gamblers are not slowed down by having to fax over their documents and everything short of their DNA to place a sports bet. This leads to a better experience for players, along with quicker payouts, and valuable savings by not having to pay costly withdrawal fees.

Bitcoin sportsbooks are thus rated a half letter to a full-letter higher initially (typically in the C to C+ range) than sportsbooks that just started and have no significant gaming license. As bitcoin betting sites should be able to pay players near instantly, in the event that Sportsbook Review receives complaints from users, bitcoin sportsbooks will also be downgraded more rapidly than a traditional betting site with the occasional problem might, due to the fact that there should never be a reason a bitcoin gaming site should slow-pay.

Sportsbook Review welcomes feedback from all sports bettors. Players can share their experiences on regular sportsbooks and bitcoin sportsbooks alike by writing to Users who would like to document a payment problem should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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