SBR Forum posters discuss HRWager Sportsbook

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Sportsbook Review forum members are discussing sports betting website HRWager.

The bettors are sharing their recent feedback and experiences at the online sportsbook, which currently holds an SBR rating of C+.

HRWager was added to the sportsbook rating guide in July of 2013 at the mark of C-. SBR reported in September of last year that HRWager completed a move to the BetPhoenix family.

Player "Courtesywipe" had the following to say regarding his experiences with the betting site: "Paid me 2k in 2 days. Limited payout options. Can deposit via Bitcoin, but can't withdraw with that method. "

SBR Forum member "Bigdaddy1" was next to chime in: "Good bonus 200 percent free play, but new book about 3 years old. Lines are no good too much of a gap. Beware of books with big bonuses take your money fast very slow paying usually."

Bigger Is Not Always Better
The above poster touched on a good point. Historically, betting websites that have offered larger than average bonuses have spelled trouble if they did not adjust their program over time after gaining more players.

While short-term promos can be effective at luring in new players, offering greater than 100% bonuses can be a disaster over the long haul particularly for betting sites that have operated for less than 5 years. Bettors can shop for a list of sportsbook bonuses using SBR.

HRWagers with feedback should write to Alternatively, bettors can share their feedback in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

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