SBR Forum Posters Discuss Bitcoin's Recent Upswing

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Update 2/21: Bitcoin has continued to climb and is currently at $1,111 per coin.

Bitcoin hit a high for the month of February with Coinbase topping out at $1,095 earlier this afternoon.

The current trading price is around $1,080 per coin. Following negative news out of China with respect to two of the world's biggest Chinese exchanges temporarily halting withdrawals, the price dipped into the sub-$1000 range but has recovered nicely and found support over $1,000 in the previous week.

Sports bettors are continuing to attempt to read and interpret chart movement inside of the bitcoin betting forum to give themselves added value during part of the sports calendar dominated by basketball and hockey. It may be coincidental, but the digital currency has gained steam around the most wagered on parts of the sports year with its lift past $600 earlier this fall and its ascent beyond $1,000 during the start of NFL playoffs and climb pre-Super Bowl. It remains to be seen if the uptick will continue closer to the start of the most wagered on portion of the college basketball calendar: the NCAA Tournament.

While digital cryptocurrency might sound like a mouthful, the laymen and non-PC savvy have nothing to fear: bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase do not require a user to know anything about the inner workings of bitcoin to get started. Sportsbook Review covered what's required to open a bitcoin wallet and start trading in a recent player tutorial. Users with any questions are free to pose their questions in the bitcoin forum or email

Gamblers who aren't keen on exposing themselves to any unnecessary fluctuation to their bankrolls can simply acquire bitcoin as a means to fund accounts with sportsbooks that convert bitcoin to USD.

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