SBR Forum Posters Discuss BetMania Sportsbook

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An SBR Forum poster has started a discussion thread surveying other members on their feedback on betting site

The online sportsbook holds a rating of C+ in the betting sites rating guide and received its last upgrade on August 30, 2015.

The user started his inquiry with stating that BetMania offers a 175% sportsbook bonus: "They offer a 175 percent bonus, that's outrageous. How are they with payouts?"

SBR Forum members are inherently a little skeptical of sports betting sites that offer such large bonuses due to the long history of sportsbooks that offered such greater than market average incentives having trouble with payouts.

More often than not, newly created online sportsbooks will offer bonuses of this size, though BetMania has been around a long time and does not have a reputation of treating bettors unfairly.

BetMania management has expressed the willingness to work with Sportsbook Review and to review player feedback. The sportsbook is located out of Rohrmoser in Costa Rica.

SBR Forum member 'Courtesywipe' was quick to respond to the forum post with the following feedback: "They pay. Expect your money to be untouchable for a while though. Minimum 14 day hold and large rollover requirements. Makes chances of cashing out low. This is how books like these stay in business."

'ki dice' had the following to say: "It was 250% not long ago, I'm still working on my roll over, $300 up to $2180 so far. I like the site though but I have no payout news yet. "

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