SBR Forum Poster Asks if Bonus Offer Is Too Good to Be True

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An SBR Forum poster shared that he was recently offered a 100% cash bonus with a 10X bonus rollover.

The player stated that it sounded too good to be true and asked the opinions of other members.

Bettors should know that all sportsbooks increase their bonus incentives around major parts of the sports calendar. With NFL and College Football less than a month away, online sportsbooks will attempt to outduel their competitors by offering a larger sign up bonus.

However, players must also keep in mind that not all sportsbooks are created equal. Online betting sites that hold a rating from D- to F are considered extreme slow-pay outfits or outright scams. These sportsbooks are part of the worst sportsbook blacklist.

Sportsbooks in the D+ to C+ range include betting sites that have not been around for many years and typically have more customer service related complaints.

Sportsbooks in the B- to A- range are in the upper echelon of online sportsbooks and not far removed from being considered a top ten bookmaker. Betting sites that hold ratings of A to A+ are considered the overall best and have been voted as the best companies by players and had their ratings assigned after many years of operating at the highest level by SBR.

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