SBR Forum Members Discuss Wild Super Bowl Finish

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The New England Patriots completed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history last night, overcoming a 25-point deficit to defy the odds stacked against them following Atlanta jumping out to a four score lead.

SBR Forum members are still talking about the game and Tom Brady's record fifth Super Bowl ring.

Fidel_Cashflow had the following summary:

"There are prolly [sic] 10 dif plays in the last 18 minutes of that game where if any single one of them woulda microscopically went differently it would of secured the win for Atlanta I mean how ... the almost picks that are dropped, the almost picks that are dropped for receptions by New England. The timing of the penalties, the play calling, the untimely fumbles."

Even a Patriots backer felt a little guilty about cashing his ticket:

"Yeah, something just doesnt sit well with me about this game. I had Patriots ML so I won but it just doesnt feel right."

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