SBR Forum members discuss Nitrogen Sports rating

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A forum thread was created by an SBR Forum member discussing the rating of popular bitcoin betting site Nitrogen Sports.

Member 'psfufan' questioned why Nitrogen Sports does not hold an SBR rating of A- or higher, and shared his feedback on his experience making transactions with the Costa Rica based bitcoin sportsbook.

The online sportsbook was initiated with a rating of B on September 24, 2014 after undergoing an extensive review process.

As SBR noted during that review, the starter rating was set higher than what would be the case for a relatively new business (Nitrogen operated under the radar in 2012 as a fiat sportsbook, before exploding with popularity as a bitcoin sportsbook in the thick of 2014), due to the nature of bitcoin processing and the decidedly positive feedback on file from bettors.

With bitcoin, online betting sites can process payouts quickly and cheaply, without blame being pinned on third-party processors and players having to deal with grueling wait times to collect their funds.

Nitrogen Sports offers automated bitcoin payments, and the very nature of the digital currency means that players have no need to store balances with Nitrogen for longer than is necessary.

A slow-pay complaint against such a website would raise more of a red flag than at a typical fiat sportsbook which might have delays caused by forces outside of their immediate control. Nitrogen Sports to date has a perfect track record with payouts and no recorded complaints.

Nitrogen Sports has met with SBR executives at SBR headquarters to discuss their business plan and strategy for the future. The Nitrogen Sports rating is likely to continue to move in the future at a more expedited pace than would be the norm provided no significant complaints are reported by players in 2016. With respect to placements such as the best sportsbooks list, SBR limits inclusion to companies that have 7 years of history or more.

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