SBR Forum Launches Top Sportsbooks Poll for September 2016

The Sportsbook Review posting forum has announced a new top sportsbooks poll beginning today and running through the first month of football, September 2016. All readers are encouraged to participate.

SBR Forum posters previously voted on their favorite three online betting sites during the beginning of the MLB season. The results of that poll are displayed at the top right of this article, on the SBR Picks homepage, and above SBR Forum.

User feedback helps shape and maintain all sportsbook ratings. Betting sites are judged by their ability to pay in a timely fashion during the slow season as well during the peak points of the season when handling thousands of transactions.

When casting a vote for the top three sportsbooks, SBR asks that users consider the following areas: 1. Payout Speed & Efficiency, 2. Quality of the Sportsbook Markets & Experience, 3. Bonuses, 4. Customer Service, 5. Mobile Experience.

Votes for sportsbooks rated #1 will receive 25 points, sportsbooks rated #2 will be assigned 15 points, and sportsbooks rated #3 will receive 10 points. Sportsbook Review will tally the poll on a weekly basis and keep the newswire updated with the results.




Posters' Poll Pts Rating
#1 5Dimes 675
#2 Heritage 665
#3 Bookmaker 380
#4 Pinnacle 310
#5 BetOnline 165
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