SBR Forum Community's Top 5 Sportsbooks

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SBR Forum community members recently had their voices heard with the top online sportsbooks poll.

Members casted their votes for up to three sportsbooks each that were considered overall best.

As the betting industry involves with new features such as bitcoin for transactions and markets like eSports for prop betting, sportsbooks that wish to continue to be on the tips of players tongues when discussing the best sportsbooks must continue to keep up with what their wants want.

The top five sportsbooks were the same as the companies selected during the NBA season poll, though the order is different.

Rank Book Total Pts Pts#1 Pts#2 Pts#3
1 Heritage 950 675 225 50
2 5Dimes 825 550 195 80
3 Bookmaker 390 150 150 90
4 Pinnacle 355 225 120 10
5 BetDSI 350 200 60 90

To view sportsbooks that placed in the top 10, visit SBR Forum.

Poster's Poll
675 Pts
665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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