SBR Forum Bash 2017 Awaits SBR Pro Members

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The eighth annual SBR Forum Bash will be held once again in Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The event was first announced on June 27 and quickly generated all of the excitement you'd expect from SBR Pro members eager to have some fun in the sun during Super Bowl weekend with an opportunity to win some coin to boot.

Confirmed SBR Pro members will receive free rooms for two full nights at the world class all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel and not spend a dime on food or drinks. In addition, it was announced today that SBR video personalities Natalie Rydstrom along with the Odds Couple in Peter Loshak and Mike Brenner would also be attending.

The first night of the SBR Forum bash, Saturday February 4, will have SBR Forum members mingling and enjoying free hors d'oeuvres and beverages with one another after receiving their SBR name-tags and goodie bags with SBR gear.

The second day includes a $5,000 poker freeroll tournament sponsored by which pays out to the final table. A total of 50 posters will be seated for the Texas Hold'Em tournament.

Finally, the event concludes with the viewing of Super Bowl LI on a large projector with dinner and drinks and the opportunity to win some more cash with a Super Bowl Squares contest.

While the window has closed on attending this year's SBR Forum bash, there will be many video updates and coverage of the event, and members who create a free SBR username today have an opportunity to come to SBR Bashes in the future, as well as the day-to-day perks of membership.

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