SBR Forum Announces Free $5,000 Poker Championship Series

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SBR Poker has announced a free $5,000 poker tournament series called the SBR Poker Sharps Championship 2016.

The event will run from Monday, September 19 through Wednesday January 4, and conclude with a championship event on Saturday, January 7 at 5PM ET.

Four daily tournaments will run Monday through Friday at 3PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 11PM ET. The top 15 will be scored by the total points they've accumulated throughout these tournaments and the top 100 overall will advance to the Poker Sharps Championship on January 7, which will pay out according to the below structure.

Championship Prizes
1st. $5,000
2nd. 35,000 betpoints
3rd. 27,000 betpoints
4th. 23,000 betpoints
5th. 17,500 betpoints
6th. 12,500 betpoints
7th. 10,000 betpoints
8th. 6,500 betpoints
9th. 5,000 betpoints
10th. 3,500 betpoints
11th. 3,000 betpoints
12th. 2,500 betpoints
13th. 2,000 betpoints
14th. 1,500 betpoints
15th. 1,000 betpoints

The $5,000 Cash prize will be paid in bitcoin. On the morning of Monday, January 9, SBR will send payment to the winner via bitcoin. The exchange rate used will be the price SBR paid to acquire the bitcoins that same morning.

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