SBR Forum Announces $10,500 NCAA Bowl Contest

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SBR Forum has announced this year's 2016 NCAA Bowl Contest.

SBR Pro members are invited to participate in the exclusive contest for a chance to win part of the $10,500 in cash prizes. There are 100,000 betpoints as consolatory prizes for individuals who finish from 4th to 6th place, and $500 for last place.

Cost of entry is 2,500 betpoints and the contest closes upon 70 total entries. (What are betpoints & how to get them)

NCAA Bowl Contest Rules

Each entry/team captain picks 15 sides from lines posted in an official thread on Wednesday, December 14. Lines will not change. Pick denominations will be: Five 3*'s, Five 2*'s, Five 1*'s.

All players MUST enter a 16th and final pick on the Championship game. The pick denomination will be 4*. An official thread collecting the 16th pick will be posted Monday January 2. The final pick is due by Friday January 6 at 11:59PM ET.

Along with the 16th pick, players must enter the total # of points scored in the championship to serve as primary tiebreaker. Closest without going over wins. If two or more teams are still tied, the most # of 3* wins is backup tiebreaker. If still tied, prizes split.

Pushes will return half of your bet. For example, if USC (-3) wins by 3, and they were a 2* play, you receive 1 star.

Poster's Poll
675 Pts
665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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