SBR Bill Dozer reports: Futurebet payout problems continue.

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SBR receives weekly complaints like this one, from players wondering if they will ever be paid.

"Hey SBR, I requested a neteller withdrawal from SportsbookUSA on 9/19 and I still haven’t received any payout as of 9/26 even though on their website it says neteller withdrwals take 24-48 hours. I’ve copy and pasted a conversation I had with a customer service rep on live support, my screen name is XXXX and his is Dimitri."

** You are now speaking with Dimitri, Player Support.
**Dimitri : Hello. You’ve reached Player Support. How may I assist you?
XXXX : Hi Dimitri, I requested a neteller withdrawal on 9/19 and it still hasn’t been processed yet
Dimitri : Let me look into that. What is your username, please?
XXXX : Account # ******
XXXX : username *******
Dimitri : Thanks, that will work.
Dimitri : I see you are with the They are currently in a state of delay with all of the withdrawals. It has been an issue for over three months now, but we have heard from the Accounts department that all delays will be resolved very soon.
Dimitri : I am sorry we do not have a certain estimate for the date when your withdrawal will be processed, though.
Dimitri : Is there anything else I can assist you with? XXXX : you mean some people haven’t been able to get their money for 3 months?
Dimitri : Yes, but the delays are being resolved now.
XXXX : ok
Dimitri : Although I do not have an estimate for when the withdrawal will be processed, I am certain it will not take as long as three months.
XXXX : oh thats nice, you really should change your pa

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