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Spreads(SBR rating C), managed by WagerWeb(SBR rating B), changes bonus terms after player wins. The bettor states that he agreed to accept a 20% bonus with a 50X rollover (wagering fifty times the bonus and deposit) because the terms of the offer allowed him to withdraw his winnings at anytime, thereby limiting his exposure and assuring his account balance would not exceed the deposit and bonus.

After requesting a payout and receiving the following message via email,  "Unfortunately we are not able to process it at the present time due to our new policy for payouts. In order to take out your funds you must reach the 50X rollover of your bonus given on May 16th ,2006. The total amount you must wager is $150,000 and as per today your wagered amount is $3,320. If you wish to proceed with your payout you will loose the bonus." the player contacted customer service using livechat.

Player: i requested a payout and I got a response that the new policy is you have to complete the rollover prior to withdrawing winnings
Diego: Hello
Diego: Yes
Player: I am confused.  The terms of the bonus was 50x rollover but i could wihtdraw winnings at any time.  how can you change the rules midstream
Diego: Mangements decision
Player: it doesn’t make sense. we already agreed to the terms.  how can the terms be changed
Player: are you sure ther

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