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Players continue to get bit by F rated sportsbooks. Bettor reports Worldbet (SBR rating F) no-pay.

"I have had an account with WorldBet for about 2 years. Although they were cited to have a bad history in some places, and a grade of F at Sportsbookreview (in which I didn’t notice untill now), everything went smoothly when I made a withdrawal of $600 USD back in Febuary. I got the money in 4 days, communications were good and I had no complaints.
I won a nice sum of money in November and made another withdrawal request of $3000 on Dec. 1st, but I have yet to receive payment. I’ve sent 5 emails during the past 2 weeks to admin, billing and but did not get one single reply. I still have $11000 USD in my account there, wondering if there’s anything I can do at this point besides wait?"
Update 1/13/05: Worldbet states that recent slow-pays are the result of being stiffed by their credit card processor. They claim that they will be processing these payouts next month.

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