SBR advisory to players, avoid e-mail phishing attempts

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A trojan virus masqueraded as a sports betting promotion is being circulated. Copies of the e-mail were forwarded to SBR from concerned players. The message asks its recipient to enable links and images in order to place free sports bets. SBR advises players that accidentally click the link to immediately do a system restore, run a full anti-virus scan, and to change all passwords from a safe machine. | SBR's full guide to account security

Tip #1: Don't use the same password at multiple sportsbooks
A player should have a unique password for every sportsbook that he or she uses. The same rule applies to e-mail passwords, online banking pages, and any other sites the player logs into that could be targeted by an intruder. In nearly all cases where a sportsbook account is accessed without authorization, the player's password was recycled. Using the same password at multiple sites makes identifying the source of an attack infinitely harder. It also creates the possibility that multiple accounts are compromised. Use a different password for each site that you log into.

Tip #2: Use a strong password with random letters and numbers
Never make one of your passwords a combination of your name and birthday. The same goes for immediate family members or a pet. Your password should be a random combination of upper & lowercase letters and numbers. More sophisticated programs have been invented to run thousands of name and number combinations. Your password should not contain names that could be found in a dictionary or phonebook.

Rule #3: Secure your wireless network
If you access the internet wirelessly, there are vital steps you must take to secure your wireless network. The first is to change the default administrator log-in used to configure your router online. The second is to enable a form of network encryption such as WPA or WEP. Choose a random security key using the same parameters as you do when selecting an online password. Finally, replace your default SSID (network name).

Read vital tips #4-5 for protecting your sportsbook account.

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