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SBG Global (SBR rating D) and Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) Management confirms it has confiscated account balances due to "sharp play."
A Sports-Gambling player wagered consistantly over a two month period after his $7,000 balance was transferred from Sunset Sports(SBR rating F-). Management tells SBR they "zeroed his account because he is not someone we wish to deal with" after beating the book to betting odds changes in hockey.

A player with SBG was told he will not receive his balance of $28,821, which includes $10,000 of deposited funds, due to the fact that he had an account with the company’s other sportsbook, Management tells SBR it was due to his "professional action." This player also wagered for two months, meeting his bonus rollover requirement at reduced betting limits of $500. SBR is scheduled to speak with ownership tomorrow about these cases, which can only be classified as blatant theft.

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