SBG Global Player Submits Positive Feedback

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An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has submitted positive feedback.

The player has claimed to have played with the online sports betting website for a period of eight years without incident.

He has claimed to have gambled for 30 years and been impressed with the betting site, so questioned why they maintain a rating of D- and are on the sportsbook blacklist.

SBG Global infamously decided not to pay a group of winning players over a sum of $100,000 because these bettors were accused of being in a syndicate; the players admittedly followed the picks of radio station personality and handicapper Sebastian, who originally advised the players to deposit with BetRoyal, which was later acquired by SBG.

As a result of the long-standing confiscations, SBG Global has remained on the SBR blacklist.

Player feedback is welcomed.

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