SBG Global player shares negative experience following UFC wager

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An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has filed a betting dispute.

The player has claimed that he wagered a UFC fight to go under 2.5 rounds, and that the fight was stopped with 1:33 elapsed in round three.

His bet was initially graded as a win, but he later had the settlement reversed and his wager was marked as a loss.

The player states the following explaining the sequence that transpired next:

SBG Global user: "I called to let them know what had happened and they denied that I had won and said that there was only 1:33 left in the fight and it was a loss. I knew that was wrong because I had watched the fight live and knew I was right. I kept trying to explain and he gave me their grading website where they get their results from. They gave me the run around over and over and told me it was a loss, but I was hell bent to get it fixed because I knew I was right. I watched the fight again and had the proof that they were wrong and I called back and they wouldn't let me talk to the sportsbook manager and the agent gave me attitude and said to me that its final, its a loss and that's that and hung up on me."

The player was about to give up hope but states that he called once more and after an hour he was connected to a sportsbook manager, who fixed the wager but offered no apologies for the misgrade or customer service experience.

SBG Global is a D- rated online betting site. Sportsbooks on the blacklist often score the lowest in customer service, payout speed, and overall give a poor betting experience.

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