SBG Global payment dispute

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A fifth SBG Global (SBR rating D-) complaint has been reported. A player requested a $5,000 withdrawal on Tuesday, April 3rd. The player states the funds were removed from his account the same day. He followed up for an update on the payment status after one week, but was told that the SBG Global processor would not be available to issue payment until April 17th — two weeks after the player's initial request — and that the player could follow up at that time. The player describes a nightmarish experience with SBG Global support since, and has yet to be paid.

SBG player shares his experience:

"On Tuesday April 3rd, 2012, I requested a withdrawl from SBG Global in the amount of $5,000 USD. As of date, I have yet to receive the funds. They withdrew the funds from my online account on 04/03/2012. I followed up with them for a status on approximately April 11th, 2012. I was informed that their processor was not available until April 17th, that the money would be sent then. Every time I have checked with them for a status, I get the "run around" I feel like they are lying to me. Every time I followup, they state it is being processed. Then on May 5th, 2012 I received a call from SBG Global stating that they need a copy of my bank statment. They stated then that the funds were submitted on May 11th to my account.?? They gave me a total contradicating statment. I advised them they have NOT been received. I faxed them my bank statement within 10 minutes. In following up with them on May 7th, 2012 they stated that they received the information. When asking them how much longer is this going to take, they stated that: " they were not allowed to provide me with a time frame on how long the process is going to take" It has been over 30 days now, which is a ridiculous time frame

On May 5th, SBR reported of a fourth outstanding SBG Global complaint. SBG Global disputes remain outstanding.

SBG Global players with payment feedback are asked to write to SBR.

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