Save Yourself the Headache: Read Sportsbook Bonus Fineprint

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from players pertaining to bonuses. More often than not, the complaints center around how the sportsbooks enforce their bonus rules.

Examples include, but are not limited to, specific odds being excluded from the play-through requirement, markets such as in-play or proposition wagers not counting toward rollover, or even the amount of time that the player must fully bet through the bonus by.

Sportsbooks are not in the habit of just giving away money. The betting sites want a certain amount of action in exchange for giving the player the opportunity to pad his or her bankroll. For instance, a situation recently came up on the Sportsbook & Industry forum where a player felt he was treated unfairly by having his balance prorated on a no-deposit bonus he received. As it turned out, the player had never funded his account and had a maximum win associated with the free bet he received.

It is vital that players take the time to read the fineprint associated with each offer before wagering. By doing so, users can minimize the amount of issues they might have when it comes time to ask for a payout from the betting site.

The sportsbook bonuses directory includes relevant fineprint for each offer including promo codes, but should not be taken as a substitute for reading all of the sportsbook's bonus promotion rules; whenever you are in doubt, ask a sportsbook representative to confirm the details of an offer or simply read the fineprint on the sportsbook website to save yourself a potential headache.

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