Safest sportsbooks for betting: Avoiding common scams

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Time and time again SBR receives complaints from players who decided to take a gamble on sportsbooks rated lower in the rating guide.

Most veteran industry players are willing to deal with the added risk of lower rated sportsbooks because they already have accounts at all prominent sportsbooks and are looking for new deposit bonuses.

However, this strategy can backfire. Sportsbooks in the D range are prone to slow-pays, as seen with the hundreds of issues filed against (SBR rating D-). Not only are sportsbooks in the D range more likely to slow-pay, the likelihood of having winnings confiscated for a mickey mouse rule increases dramatically.

Sportsbook bonuses can be tempting, but the question players need to ask is --- would losing a balance at book XYZ significantly harm my bankroll? If the answer is yes, sticking with the safest sportsbooks is the most sound long-term decision.

The best sportsbooks list shows bookmakers that have been in business for many years. These betting sites have been voted the best by the sportsbook forum community, and all maintain open lines of communication with Sportsbook Review in the event of occasional player disputes.

Sportsbook Review rates 218 active sportsbooks from A+ to F. Data is available on all bookmakers, even those considered outright scams. Players are urged to use their discretion and exercise extreme caution dealing with sportsbooks solely because of the strength of their initial signup bonus.

Scam sportsbooks often try to lure in unsuspecting players by marketing an attractive bonus and tell players that they are rated poorly because they do not advertise at sports forums --- this is patently false.

Players with issues at their online sportsbook can file a sportsbook complaint form. SBR has helped recover over $10 million in disputed player winnings to date.

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