Safest Online Sportsbooks for NFL Betting

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Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom explains in today's SBR news video that players looking for a new online sportsbook for the upcoming football season should consider their choices carefully to avoid being scammed this fall.

While there may be a natural temptation to deposit with sportsbooks offering the biggest imaginable bonus, often there are consequences when getting involved with these websites.

Any good relationship requires proper research. SBR recognizes that this process takes time and consequently some sports bettors might end up in a bad one; but there is not an imminent need to tackle this process yourself. The process of choosing a brand new sportsbook can be daunting, especially if you live outside the United States in countries where the act of placing a bet is not a political hot potato.

Sportsbook Review has consulted with thousands of sports bettors over the years through dispute resolution, customer service, as well as reading the viewpoints expressed by members inside of the SBR Sportsbooks & Industry forum.

In addition to the feedback generated by users over the years and the votes made in the annual best sportsbooks poll, back in 2002 SBR released the best sportsbooks list, then known as the recommended list. Since this time Sportsbook Review has continually refined and changed the list, and this week has upgraded the chart to be responsive (mobile-friendly) for the increasing number of players who prefer placing bets on the go through the convenience of their smartphones and tablets.

The General Manager of 10Bet told SBR recently that mobile betting was responsible for 42% of turnover; an amazing figure and one that is expected to climb by 5% by the close of the year.

Online sportsbooks are investing heavily in mobile platforms and staying abreast with today's tech as the days of simply offering full vig lines or having a customer service agent accept bets over the phone are replaced with in-play betting between points in tennis matches while relaxing in a sauna with the iPad checking SBR Odds and the iPhone firing bets at will.

Selecting an Online Sportsbook for the NFL season
Sportsbook Review released a report recently called the 5 worst online sportsbooks to avoid come pigskin season. The ugly reality of the sports betting industry is that for every great bookmaker, there is another snake-like sports betting website ready to confiscate your winnings, or maybe even worse, keep you in purgatory whilst waiting for a sportsbook payout that may never come.

Because of the inherent danger associated with choosing a random online sportsbook, SBR created an easy to follow letter based sportsbook rating guide in 2002 that measures online sportsbooks the old-fashioned way; how students are graded in performance, with the absolute worst of the class getting graded an F while the best of the best are given A+'s.

Sportsbook Review has compared NFL betting websites by the value of their football teaser odds and parlay payouts, two items which have proven to be of great importance to SBR readership.

After you have selected a sportsbook that has the type of odds or bonus you're looking for, remember that no bonus is worth not the chance that you may not get paid. Because of this, SBR recommends players use the sportsbook rating guide and consult the best sportsbooks list to have the best experience possible when betting on sports.

As always, online sports bettors who encounter difficulty with their sportsbook of choice can submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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