Rivalo Sportsbook refuses to explain confiscation to player

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A Rivalo Sportsbook player has submitted a complaint against the betting site with SBR.

The player has had an account with Rivalo for one year, placing what he estimates to be one hundred wagers.

He successfully withdrew €1,000 once and received the funds without incident.

After receiving his first payout, a balance of €500 remained. At this point, he attempted to make a second withdrawal. It was not meant to be, as Rivalo deactivated his account and confiscated the remaining balance.

Upon contacting Rivalo to ask for an explanation, he was given the following non-answer of a reply from the customer service department:

Rivalo Sportsbook: "Dear {redacted}, Our security department has detected that you have breached our terms and conditions which you agreed to with your registration. In accordance with said terms and conditions your account will therefore remain closed. Kindly note that we will not provide you with detailed information about the breach as this may facilitate further attempts to circumvent the account verification."

The player has claimed not to have the slightest clue what Rivalo is referring to, and has pointed out that his account was fully verified. He deposited through Neteller and had received the one payout to date before this supposed violation took place.

He has received no further information from Rivalo, so he has reached out to Sportsbook Review for assistance.

Rivalo previously commented to SBR on a player complaint December of 2014.

Players with Rivalo feedback or who are in need of assistance should write to help@sportsbookreview.com.

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