Rivalo Sportsbook provides update on two cases

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Rivalo Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) management has provided an update on two outstanding player complaints communicated to SBR.

This article lists Rivalo's update on both cases, as well as a quick summary of the facts as originally related by players to Sportsbook Review.

In the first case reported yesterday, a player claimed that €3,500 was confiscated due to a buddy betting on one of the same plays. The player denied wrongdoing.

Rivalo claimed that in fact the player who filed the complaint was writing on behalf of a different betting account, and believes this to be proof that the user is in fact in control of more than one account.

Rivalo pointed out that the account(s) are connected to a reported bonus scheme, designed to fleece the online betting site out of multiple sign up bonuses, a tactic employed by troublemakers who look to double-dip with online betting sites.

In complaint two — a case involving a confiscated $1,370 balance — Rivalo expanded with more information that suggested the player was connected by device to several others who engaged in a similar scheme.

The original report on this matter which provided a generalized account of an account violation to the player has been updated.

Rivalo players with feedback are encouraged to write to mail@sportsbookreview.com.

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