Rivalo Sportsbook Player Accused of Syndicate Betting

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A Rivalo Sportsbook player has been accused organized syndicate betting.

The player's €135 balance was confiscated by the online betting site along with the brief explanation of the decision.

The player has pointed out that his account was fully verified with Rivalo at the time of the closure and balance confiscation, and has adamantly denies the accusation of the bookmaker.

What does organized betting refer to?
Typically, organized betting or syndicate betting refers to a group of sports bettors collaborating to intentionally circumvent betting limits. In some instances, these bettors reside in the same household or are each redeeming a starting sign up bonus.

The player was told the following by the online sportsbook:

Rivalo: "We would like to inform you that our Security and Sports book teams have reviewed your Rivalo account thoroughly and we have sufficient evidence that you are linked to a group of users involved in organized betting. This is not allowed and a clear breach of Rivalo's Terms and Conditions. As explained , in the event that such organized betting takes place, Rivalo reserves the right to retain the account balance.Your account will therefore remain closed and your funds confiscated due to this breach. This is the final decision taken by the Rivalo Team."

Sportsbook Review has followed up on this complaint and hopes to have an update soon.

In perhaps one of the more infamous cases involving syndicate betting covered by SBR, thirty winners at BetRoyal Sportsbook had over six figures confiscated simply by following the plays of a local radio host and sports handicapper.

Rivalo players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.


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