Rivalo Sportsbook confiscates €1,063, says player

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A Rivalo Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed a complaint with SBR against the sports betting website.

The player registered his account February 8, depositing €300 via Skrill.

He proceeded to successfully order a payout for €1,200 which he received, before depositing five additional times. Unfortunately, the chain of events which occurred next led to his €1,063.64 balance being confiscated by Rivalo.

Following a €500 withdrawal request on March 20, the player received an email from the online sports betting site that he failed to include his telephone number during registration, and that he would have to provide a valid phone number to continue using his account. The player obliged the request.

Rivalo then slashed his betting limits to €1, prompting him to decide to put in a payout request again - this time for his entire €1,063.64 balance. He figured Rivalo no longer wanted his business, and that because he completed his registration as he was asked by giving his telephone number, that all was in order.

He states that he received a phone call from Rivalo two days later. He confirmed their questions about his registration details, then he says the connection quality of the call became bad, and the call was dropped as a result. He then received the following email hours later from the online sportsbook:

Rivalo Sportsbook: "Our security department has detected that you have breached our terms and conditions, which you confirmed by registration. As described for breaching the terms and conditions your account will remain closed. Further information according to our terms and conditions you will find in the following link: https://www.rivalo.com/en/terms-conditions/"

The player states that he explicitly objects to the suggestion that he has violated any terms and conditions, and is demanding to be paid.

Sportsbook Review is following up with the online sportsbook to discuss the complaint.

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