Rivalo Sportsbook addresses player complaint

Rivalo Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has addressed the player complaint reported earlier in the day.

A player had claimed in a complaint filed with SBR as well as a forum post that a sportsbook balance of 3,800 BRL ($1,087 USD) was voided and that only the initial deposit amount of 1,000 BRL ($286) would be refunded.

Rivalo has said that the player is in fact a woman who registered with false signup details that matched another account-holder. The online sportsbook allegedly called the player's registered phone number and the party who answered the telephone had no knowledge of a Rivalo betting account.

Rivalo believes that the duplicate signup was intended to double-dip on their sportsbook bonus for creating a new account. The sportsbook noted that the first account has been paid all winnings in full, but that due to violating their terms and conditions this second account will only receive a deposit refund.




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