Rivalo Sportsbook accuses player of organized betting

A Rivalo Sportsbook player has filed a complaint with Sportsbook Review.

The player claimed that he deposited €800 with the online betting site and made a total of five wagers.

Shortly thereafter Rivalo accused the bettor of violating its terms and conditions and proceeded to void all of the accepted bets the player placed.

In total, the player worked his balance up to €924 before Rivalo closed his account. After the user pursued Rivalo for an answer on what the alleged infraction was, Rivalo accused of him of being connected to a group of users guilty of "organized betting", which is another way of saying syndicate betting or acting in concert with others, often to circumvent limits.

However, the player's wagers were lower than the maximum allowed by Rivalo, and he has admitted to using a VPN to access the betting site due to his ISP blocking access to the website. He has denied being part of a wagering syndicate.

Sportsbook Review is investigating.




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