Rivalo player has account deactivated after security audit

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A Rivalo Sportsbook player has had a balance of €1200 confiscated.

The player has claimed that he was fully approved to use Rivalo after passing their KYC (Know Your Customer) process, but that after requesting his first payout from the betting site he received a random phone call where he was questioned extensively about his account.

The player has told SBR that approximately 15 questions were asked of him and that the English of the customer service representative who was questioning him was "a nightmare"; the player concedes his own English is spotty, and believes that as a result of the language barrier some of the questions may have been answered incorrectly.

Following the phone call, the player attempted to log-in to Rivalo and he received notice that his account was deactivated. He then followed up with Rivalo support and was told that they are authorized to confiscate his winnings per their terms and conditions.

It is presumed that Rivalo believes the player was not the person making wagers on the account, or is connected to another account-holder. However, according to the player, these details were not shared with him.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with Rivalo support on this case.

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