Reminder: Use High Quality Docs for Sportsbook KYC

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Sportsbook Review receives a fair number of complaints per week from players who are stuck in the Know Your Customer (KYC) penalty box.

In most of the cases the players accounts have been disabled for wagering, costing them the opportunity to place winning sports bet until their verification is in order.

However, a striking number of the cases could be avoided if the players approached KYC in a more proactive way. As SBR outlined in the KYC 2017 edition report, there are steps that can be taken to significantly reduce the amount of time necessary for the verification procedure to be completed.

A complaint filed last evening by a player detailed that his ID was rejected because of the quality of the image document. An easy workaround for this, even if a player does not have access to a high resolution scanner, is simply to photograph the doc using a smartphone. To improve the possible acceptance rate, include a photo holding the document.

Why KYC is Required
Sportsbooks are legally bound to perform due diligence and ensure that no fraudulent documents are used by accounts. Think of it this way: If your credit card was lost or stolen, wouldn't you want to know that the merchant at least asked to see a copy of valid ID before a charge was authorized for a new television?

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